Mark Williams – CEO

Edata Technologies is the most critical Global Information Technology Solutions Distributor, dedicated to accelerating the success of its Clients and Suppliers by providing the specific tools and resources for each market, as well as experience, and services. Mark Williams is the Chairman and CEO of Edata Technologies. Edata Technologies is one of the Foremost Company for high-value data and multichannel marketing solutions. Mr. Williams gives his services to Edata Technologies from 2010. In 2011, he assumed the role of Chairman and CEO. Till 2010, he does his best to afford for the company.
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Jason Drew – Director, IT Operations

The offer of Edata Technologies covers the entire Data Centre, through cost-effective programs that identify those high-growth areas in specific technologies and specific vertical markets. Jason Drew is Director, IT Operations of the Edata Technologies. He takes care of all types of management, company project planning, and growth of Edata Technologies. He is one who is totally responsible for the growth of the company.
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Lisa Martin – Sales & Marketing Manager

Lisa Martin is in Edata Technologies for the last 5 years. She is the Sales & Marketing Manager. She is responsible for the management of Edata Technologies data, Corporate Strategy, Sales, and Sales Operations. She is an expert in marketing.

Cathy Miller – Head of Sales

Cathy Miller is head of the sales team who bring decision regarding revenue through quality data partner relationships, database development maximization, and identification of process efficiency resolutions. She is giving her services to Edata Technologies from the past 15 years. She is the main head of project management, sales, and customer service management.

Matthew Abrams – Senior Accounts Manager

Matthew Abrams is Senior Accounts Manager at Edata technologies. His experience on the revenue- producing side of the business has provided a unique perspective, and he uses that experience to develop practical solutions to regulatory issues.

Sophia Watson – Manager of Business Development

Sophia Watson is the Manager of Business Development at Edata Technologies. Because of her experience and skills, she moves the Edata Technologies business to heights.

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