Our databases in areas such as heavy equipment, retail, and industrial manufacturing cover many countries. Most customized lists include contact details for business owners looking for services and a list of customers who are getting information about distributors. Manual and automated methods have been implemented to improve supply chain information.
In the latest years, businesses in the Logistics & Distribution industry have been under constant pressure to meet client prospects, get better asset presentation, reduce operating costs, and endorse good operations. This is further caused by factors such as fuel price volatility, trade restrictions, and overall economic performance.
More and more logistics service providers are leveraging mobility, telemetry, and analytics to enhance operational excellence. Developing a 360-degree performance vision that provides ideas to improve the decision-making process is a common strategy.
Logistics service providers follow a “light asset” supply chain strategy. This strategy uses as few warehouses and trucks as possible. Strategic alliances with individual truck drivers are key to the success of this strategy, and managing relationships with suppliers becomes more important. Logistics providers also need to analyze social network and mobile implementations to build a community of key corporate stakeholders.
Our Logistics & Distribution Email List help to get more business in the Logistics & Distribution field.

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