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There is an email database in your company that was updated early, but sooner or later things will not be the same. At some point, you can see that a significant percentage of email addresses are missing or outdated in the B2C email database. In this case, if you have an online marketing approach then there is no use of email marketing. But E Data Technologies B2C email append services will not only decrease the bounce rate of emails, but also timely assistance to help you enter the market.

Advantages of our B2C mail appeal service

E Data Technologies B2C email append service offers the following benefits:

  • Provide 100% accurate and optional deliverable email addresses for customers and potential customers.
  • Provides unlimited B2C email addresses that will be added to the customer base, but will require any field updates
  • Get great rewards instantly, regardless of company size.
  • Significantly improve website traffic to new and existing customers.
  • Provides 100% verified and reliable data and helps b2c email campaigns
  • Ensures an active and responsive email address and provides a basic and personalized email database
  • Easy access to data in multiple formats.
  • Easily turn single channel customers into valuable multi-channel customers.
  • Regain business from existing customers by staying in touch with existing customers.
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