Add precise email addresses to your offline database with Edata Technologies services

With a winning email marketing program, it becomes easy for you to chase your customer. To connect with your online audience, we offer B2B Email appending services that allow you to add updated email addresses to your database.
We offer match rates of up to 20-50 percent, allowing you to improve your customer file with valid deliverable email addresses with a single round of attachments.

The process of adding email from Edata Technologies:

  • We receive your individual name file, company name (if they are business records) and address records.
  • Then we add individual email addresses from our premium email database that match the name, company name and postal address fields within your file.
  • We implement a validation message in each registry, ensuring accuracy and verifying emails.
  • Then, we deliver your attached database with validated individual email addresses, not added “info @” or “sales @”.
  • You will only be charged for the valid data and deliverable email addresses attached to your file.
  • So hire us for the B2B Email appending services and get more leads. We are very reliable service provider and all of our customer are happy with our work. For more detail get in touch with and get the detail quote of our B2B Email appending services.

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