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Make your Email Data worth Conversions with effective Email Appending Services
assures you a more conversions and effective tool for your Email Marketing.

Data Appending Services

Increase your prospect ratio with organised Lead Management.


Phone Appending Services

Our accurate phone appending services to help connect with your prospects.

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We can help you with all kinds of B2B email lists, Few of them are

B2C Mailing List

There is an email database in your company that was updated early, but sooner or later things will not…

B2B Services

Adding a postal address or address can make a big difference to the success of a multi-channel marketing campaign…..

Data Appending services

Today’s websites and social networking sites have changed the way we do business. No more door-to-door sales….

Edata Technologies

Data is one of the main concerns of every business. Our team has many years of experience in data appending services. Our mission is simple. To provide customers with timely, accurate and complete contact information to maintain, improve and improve their ability to make their customer base profitable.
We are constantly improving and developing the company to provide our customers with the best data in the fastest and most cost-effective manner possible.
We Are Specialized In US, UK, Canada & Worldwide B2B Email Lists
• Healthcare Email List
• Biotech & Pharmaceutical Email List
• Hospitality Email List
• Food & Beverages Email List
• Fashion & Textile Email List
• Automobile Email List
• Retail Email List
• Logistic and Distribution Email List
• Information Technology Email List
• Education Email List
• Real Estate Email List
• Travel and Tourism Email List
• Financial & Banking Email List
• Oil & Gas Email List
• Manufacturing Email List
• Aviation Email List


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Edata Technologies has become one of the most highly regarded Email List Provider in The US and if there is anything we could help you with then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us : +1 302 703 9906

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We are constantly improving and developing company to provide our customers with the best data in the fastest and most cost effective manner possible.


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